Discover Digital is one of only a few digital media companies in the world to offer total end-to-end solutions for the delivery of digital video content through; (i) Internet Protocol Television (IPTV); (ii) Over-the-Top (OTT) television services and (iii) Off-line kiosks delivery solutions, with a full content sourcing, scheduling and administration service.

  • Vision Statement:
    To be the leader in the end-to-end execution of Digital on Demand Solutions radically transforming the entertainment and education landscapes with the most advanced delivery technologies to enable greater access to compelling content for all consumers.
  • Mission Statement:

To Pioneer and implement advanced technology solutions working with best in class stakeholders to ensure reliable and seamless digital on demand services paired with compelling, current and popular entertainment and educational content in every market that we serve.

About Discover Digital

We pride ourselves in not just providing technology solutions but delivering a full TVOD and SVOD service, including content licensing, content administration, content delivery, billing integration and licence settlements and reporting. We have developed a range of software and hardware products, web and mobile device applications and kiosks compatible with our technology to ensure we can provide total solutions across fixed line, mobile and unconnected/offline market requirements.

Whilst our approach may be considered pioneering, we firmly believe in not re-inventing the wheel. We partner with the best in field technology service providers around the globe to deliver a world class service and stay ahead of ever developing technology curve.


Every day is a technology advancement


Cool might not be hot – think out the box


Follow the user, their needs and wants evolve


Lets excel in what we do well before we try to do more


No one individual is the same, respect each other and embrace diversity


Perfection never stands still

What is Internet Television

Internet Television (sometimes also referred to as Online TV) is the digital distribution of television content via the Internet. Internet television is a general term that covers the delivery of television series, movies and other video content over the Internet by video streaming technology, typically by major traditional television broadcasters. It does not describe a technology used to deliver content.

Web television is a similar term often used to characterise short programs or videos created by a wide variety of companies and individuals, or Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) – an emerging Internet technology standard for use by television broadcasters. Some Internet television is known as catch-up TV.

Internet television is booming across the globe. Consumers no longer wish to be dictated to as to what and when they should watch their favourite TV series or movies. Consumers are taking control of their viewing experience.

Our Products and Services

What We Do
We deliver fully managed and serviced white label Video on Demand and Linear internet television solutions to Tier 1 Telco operators and Internet Service Providers and we offer our own OTT VOD service on a reseller model.

Digital Education solutions and Content
Digital Kiosk solutions
HDMI Dongles
STB Design, Manufacture and Customisation
Portal Development
Middleware Application Development
Content Scheduling and Marketing Support
Complete end-to-end VOD and Linear IPTV and OTT solutions

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