Offline VOD Solutions (Taxi TV, Hospital TV and Kiosks)

The offline solution provides a platform for securely distributing content to offline environments where there is little or no internet bandwidth.

This solution is a unique architecture that solves the last mile connectivity when internet bandwidth is minimal/absent. The solutions available include:

  • In-Vehicle Entertainment
  • In-Flight Entertainment
  • In-Retail Entertainment
  • In-Hospital Entertainment

This solution builds a CDN network of micro clouds to solve the last mile connectivity for delivering content and creates a content zone where users can procure content without the need for broadband connectivity. The content zone is similar in behaviour to a Wi-Fi zone, but enhanced with a secure delivery platform.

The solution can be enjoyed in the following locations, but is not limited to these, the only real requirement is a 12V power source:

  • In-Train Experience
  • In-Car Experience
  • In-Bus Experience
  • In-Hospital Experience

These can also be expanded to guest houses and any other location where significant bandwidth is required for consumption of content by more than one user.







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