EPG (Electronic Programme Guide) Technology & Managed Services

Discover Digital has developed its own software for a digitally interactive Electronic Programme Guide (EPG) solution for OTT & IPTV operators. An Electronic Programme Guide software application is used to display programming information and its associated metadata (images, short and long descriptions, duration, ratings information, staring actors/actresses, directors, etc.) for scheduled programmes within a channel line-up.

The EPG allows consumers to travel back on a programming schedule and catch-up on a programme that may have run up to 30 days ago. This can be watched on any device and downloaded to watch offline.

Our enhanced digital interactive functionality also allows consumers to:

  • Set reminders which trigger SMS alerts (additional calendar insertions and alarms are road mapped for the product)
  • Social sharing of your selected programme on Facebook and Twitter

The EPG will enable cloud-based PVR functionality in the very near future, allowing consumers the ability to record their favourite programs digitally.

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