SA gets streamed sports news service

DEOD Sports Network, a streamed all-sports news service will go live along with the launch of Discover Digital’s digital entertainment on-demand (DEOD) service

A new, online sports news on-demand service, DEOD Sports Network (DSN), now gives South African sports fans daily news and events highlights from mainstream and niche sports around the world.

With new sports highlights each day, DEOD Sports Network gives South African viewers on-the-go access to the most important and breaking global sports news of the day.

Stephen Watson, Managing Director of Discover Digital, says: “This is a new service for South Africa. In the past, sports fans would have to subscribe to pay-TV services or seek out YouTube coverage and online multimedia among mainstream news sites to stay up to date with events in the sporting world. Now, Discover Digital’s sports desk curates the latest highlights to produce a 24/7 sports-focused news service online. DSN will deliver player, coach and team news across major sports, from Olympic Games, World Cups, Football Leagues from around the world, US sports and more. We will add more local sports news and extend invitations to local sports to submit their VNRs to DSN. We will also reveal details of five sports internet TV channels that will be offered to South African viewers on Thursday, 4 May, as part of DEOD’s OTT streaming service.”

DSN is included across all of DEOD’s bouquets, adding additional value for viewers with an interest in sport, no matter what package they choose.

DSN is just the latest in a series of sport-focused innovations brought to market by Discover Digital. The company has long been actively exploring new digital platforms and models to enhance exposure for sports and sporting bodies.

Discover Digital has also broken traditional moulds for sports event coverage by innovating in the social live media streaming arena. Recently, Discover Digital’s simultaneous live stream of the SuperGP Championship to the SuperGP website and the organisation’s Facebook page quadrupled viewership and gave fans unprecedented new levels of engagement with the sport. It also gave sponsors and organisers a direct link to fans.

“Digital platforms open almost unlimited video on demand (VOD) possibilities for sports organisations and fans,” says Watson. “With our new on-demand and internet TV services and innovative new streaming support services, we are paving the way for a range of new exposure options for local sport.”

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