At Discover Digital, we believe everyone should have access to great entertainment, world news, sports, as well as inspirational and educational content, all at affordable prices and on flexible package terms. Our view is that you shouldn’t have to pay for content you don’t watch, or be dictated to regarding the times when you watch. Our aim will always be to push the boundaries of traditional broadcasting by driving market prices down and offering the viewer more choice and control.

Digital Entertainment On Demand (DEOD) is the first converged online OTT television service to launch in Africa, offering a mix of On Demand Subscription content, Internet TV Channels and Pay-Per-View Rentals of the latest cinema releases.

Established as a Business to Business (B2B) brand and reseller product, DEOD enables local telcos, ISP’s, loyalty and hospitality partners the opportunity to offer movies, series, TV Channels and general entertainment to their customers as a valued added service, without incurring the large-scale tech and content capex and operating costs associated with a white-label offering.

DEOD offers its reseller partners access to a service of quality international and local content that can be used as a customer acquisition and retention tool; enriches partner campaigns through association and the use of film and series franchise brands, cast and characters; and increases the overall value of the partners core product through bundling the entertainment added value offering.

The DEOD brand and its generic name, Digital Entertainment on Demand, is unique in that it readily adapts to a partners’ costomisable CI’s, easily promotes bespoke, territory – specific offerings and can incorporate localised content to suit individual markets, whilst still showcasing the best overall entertainment brands.

Also accessible direct to the end consumer DEOD is available on an array of PC Browsers, iOS and Android mobile devices and Chromecast, DEOD has planned future deployments to enable support for Airplay, Scheduled download and download to own as well as for a comprehensive list of all major Smart TV and media player applications.

DEOD includes seven launch Subscription packages, all of which are valid for 30 days from date of payment: News, bringing you the latest in global reporting, from business to current affairs across a selection of well-known channels; Sport, giving you access to the best of extreme sports, fight sports, e-sports, water sports, sports tuition, automotive shows, news from major sports around the world on DEOD Sports Network (DSN) and so much more; On Demand, including an always growing catalogue of hundreds of hours of TV shows, movies, kids programs, music videos, sport news, inspirational and educational content and a whole lot more, accessible at your leisure for the whole family and DEOD Premium, a combination of News, Sport and On Demand for a take-all special price. DEOD Premium is also offered on a Weekend or Week subscription basis, to provide consumer who do not wish to subscribe for 30 days access.

The biggest difference between DEOD and other online entertainment services is the ability to pick and choose what content category you wish to watch or subscribe to, with no obligation to take everything on offer.  This means you only pay for what you want to watch – and you choose how to package and pay for it from a selection of options.  With DEOD you really can have your choice of entertainment, on the go.

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