DCS (Digital Classroom System)

Utilising VOD and its associated technologies for other industries and products has become Discover Digital’s specialty.  As part of the overall strategy to make premium content accessible to everyone, we have developed and acquired bespoke technical functionality to enable broader access to not only entertainment content, but education content too, using VOD and IPTV technologies to deliver quality local and international digital education and edutainment content throughout Africa.

In partnership with an Irish educational company, Digisoft, on an African-based project entitled Technology Without Electricity, we have the license to distribute their solar-powered projector kit as part of their own outreach to rural schools; either directly or through on the ground partnerships.

The DCS includes:

  • A powerful computer and projector in one, supported by a small six-hour power bank and a solar panel all-in-one small backpack. The DCS can host third party content or an organisation’s own content and make this available via offline and online apps, as it can also connect to the internet. This allows one to both create and deliver great content for a class or tutor group without relying on mains electricity or bulky generators.
  • Images are projected in crystal clear resolution onto any white surface, including walls and even sheets if need be.
  • While predominately aimed at schools, adult educational organisations, agricultural farming communities and other training environments, this projector can double as an entertainment source for communities in the evenings and on weekends.

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